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Case Studies

A Story often helps to better understand how companies have used MANA’s Services. These Case Studies demonstrate a variety of different approaches MANA has taken to support their customers. 

  • CRO implementation of Phase III trial: Phase III Dermatologic Study using MANA Method for Paperless Trials
  • Case Study— Quality, eClinical Trial Management—Knowledge Transfer
  • Case Study—Monitor Implementation of Remote Trial Management of Device Trial


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Published Evidence-Based, Data Driven Quality Operations Research

Original Research

  1. McPherson, EC; Ray, SC; Reiser, PA; Manasco, PK: Pharmacogenetic Research: Perceptions of Informed Consent; Drug Information Journal 36(1) 83-93, January 2002
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Opinion Articles

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  5. Manasco PK, Does your CRO comply with ICH E6? Applied Clinical Trials Jan 30, 2017.

Presentations and Posters

  1. Implementing a Paperless Trial for Phase III: A Biotech’s Lessons Learned: Integrating eSource, eTMF, and Clinical Monitoring to Generate Total Quality Metrics.  Drug Information Association 2013.
  2. The Paperless Trial: Technology and Processes for Success.  Drug Information Association 2013.
  3. Monitor Training: Building Essential Skills for Implementing Risk Based Monitoring—Data Interpretation, Quality by Design.  Drug Information Association. June 2014
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