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RBM Webinar: Interpreting Site Performance Data

By Penelope Manasco - February 15, 2016

Join us for our free webinar, “Interpreting Site Performance Data” on Friday Feb 19 at 1:00 EST. The link is:
This is the final in a series of 8 webinars delivered by the MANA RBM team to support training of clinical monitors on adopting Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM).  This webinar will provide examples of different site performance reports and how the Central Monitor can use these reports to develop overall site performance metrics and individual Site Progress Reports. 
MANA RBM delivers RBM solutions for companies of all sizes.  In addition to conducting trials using RBM, we provide training materials, processes, and tools that support internal adoption of RBM.  For more information, contact Penelope Manasco, M.D., CEO, MANA RBM.