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MANA RBM proudly announces its latest peer-reviewed publication in Risk-Based Monitoring.

By Penny Manasco - February 22, 2016

“It Takes a Village to Achieve Risk-Based Monitoring” by Penelope Manasco, CEO MANA RBM was just published in Risk Based Monitoring in Clinical Trials 4th edition eBook. Here is the link to access the book.
Our paper discussed the “people” components needed to successfully adopt Risk Based Monitoring. It also differentiated the roles of the Site Monitor and Central Monitor and discussed risk assessment, training, and implementing Risk-Based monitoring solutions.
Clinical Trials 4th edition ebook contains many other interesting articles including a discussion with Jonathan Helfgott, former FDA Investigator and Compliance officer, a survey of RBM Experiences Among European CRAs, and Novartis’ Adaptive Monitoring RBM approach.