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MANA RBM congratulates the winners of the Clinical IT Best practices award winners announced February 24, 2016

MANA RBM recently participated as a finalist in Clinical IT Best Practices Contest. Here are the winners:

By Penny Manasco - March 1, 2016

The winners of the Clinical Informatics Best Practices award were announced at the SCOPE conference in Miami on Feb 24, 2016 by Allison Proffitt, editorial director of Clinical Informatics News.  The winners were:

Site Start Up and Design
: Clincierge
Clincierge won for its efforts supporting research subjects in a rare disease trial. The company handled travel and lodging logistics, transportation, and reimbursement for each subject’s clinic visits, saving approximately 32 hours per subject and lowering dropout rates to less than 5% over 22 months.
Clinical Data Intelligence: Neurological Clinical Research Institute @ Massachusetts General Hospital and Prize4Life
The Pooled Resource Open-access ALS Clinical Trials (PRO-ACT) platform was designed to build an open access database that would contain the data from recent large amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) trials. The PRO-ACT platform has integrated data from 23 trials and over 10,700 ALS patients. This database has attracted over 1,000 researchers worldwide resulting in several high impact publications. 
Patient Data Management: Science 37 with LA Biomed
Science 37 technology powering LA Biomedicine telemedicine sub-study was the winner for Patient Data Management. The organizations demonstrated how its metasite model can accelerate research. They tested a telemedicine approach in a sub-study to remove geographic limitations to participation in research for a rare disease. 
Congratulations to all winners and finalists. It is through sharing best practices that we can all enhance the conduct of clinical research.