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MANA RBM Proudly Announces RBM Training Certification is Now Available.

By Penny Manasco - June 21, 2016

MANA RBM developed a free, eight (8) webinar training series on implementing Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) for monitors.  Access it on the MANA RBM Youtube channel:  MANA Risk Based Monitoring.

This one-time test and certification path was developed at the request of the many participants who initially attended our webinar series.  The test is based on the competencies published for monitors conducting RBM and the training objectives addressed in the free, eight (8) MANA RBM webinars.
Each applicant will have only one (1) opportunity to pass this test.  If applicants achieve a passing score of greater than or equal to 70%, they will receive a certificate from MANA RBM recognizing this level of achievement. 
The cost of the test is $285.00.  All MANA RBM staff must complete the MANA RBM Training and pass the MANA RBM Certification Test.
MANA RBM will reimburse you for the cost of the test if we hire you as a RBM Monitor within two (2) years from the date you passed the RBM Certification Test. 
The test is provided On Demand.  The link for signing up for the RBM Certification Test is: