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By Penny Manasco - August 29, 2016

Watching the familiar, two bathtubs side by side, TV commercial for an ED drug followed by another ad for the big purple pill made me wonder how companies select the right program to advertise their products and services. Sure advertising has to do with frequency and reach of the commercials but what about the show embodying qualities similar to those in your Mission Statement.
That led me to start thinking about which TV show most fits MANA RBM’s Mission Statement and corporate values. It took awhile to run through my favorite shows, both past and present, before it hit me a few days later.
The answer was “Pickers”, that popular show on the History Channel where two affable, experienced pickers travel the country looking for hidden treasures or all sorts.
The more I thought I about it, the more similarities I saw:
1. There’s lots of junk out there
     Same for data; How do we sort it quickly? How do we know what to look for?
     When the FDA, EMA, and ICH recommended the Clinical Trials industry revamp its oversight of trials, we were challenged to       determine which of the myriad of data available should be used to conduct good, quality oversight.   
      MANA RBM approached this challenge by modifying processes to collect as much data as possible directly so we could review source data remotely. We developed proprietary methods to configure existing technology to synthesize data across data sets. The result, our Subject Profile Analyzing Risk (SPAR) form. It facilitates a more meaningful, timesaving, comprehensive data review. In fact, our monitors call the SPAR “fun monitoring”.
      We also developed proprietary methods for analyzing Site performance, that led to the creation of our Site Tracker Analyzing Risk (STAR) database.   
2. You can’t spend all your time on the road.
     The Pickers are directed from a home base to specific people and locations all over the country.
MANA RBM does the same thing with our remote review processes.  We can do comprehensive oversight of subject safety and site performance remotely and send onsite monitors to the site in a focused, targeted approach. When your remove Source Data Review as a requirement and focus designing systems to enable remote review of data and documents, everyone wins.
High performing monitors leave our industry regularly because they are burned out and don’t want to travel.  In December 2015, Damian Garde  reported  on the 2014 HR+ survey that reported an increase in turnover in clinical monitoring employees from 16.4% to 25.4%  (  

My hypothesis is if you provide challenging work and better living conditions through less grueling travel, this turnover rate can be decreased significantly.
3.  Technology can be a powerful tool.
     Many times on the show, a Picker will see something, not know too much about it, pull out his smartphone, take a picture, send it to an expert for comment, and receive critical information about the item in a short time.
Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) depends heavily on technology to allow better access to data.  Just as the Pickers don’t depend on old technology because they need efficient answers to prevent big losses, RBM requires smart systems to better synthesize various data sources. The Pickers have specific needs based on their specific questions—not a standard answer that does not answer their specific question. RBM requires customized ad hoc reporting to answer the questions specific to the protocol under question.
So this week’s food for thought is what TV show would you choose as closely aligning with your company’s mission statement?
Let me know what you chose.