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Clinical Trials Opertational Success Post COVID-19: A Virtual Symposium

By Conner Howard - February 4, 2021


Two Day Event!

Day One: Thursday, February 11, 2021: Patient Participation Success

12:00pm EST | 11:00am | 9:00am PST

12:00pm EST – 2:05pm EST

Day Two: Friday, February 12, 2021: The New/Now Clinical Trial Technologies

8:00am EST | 1:00pm GMT | 2:00pm CET

8:00am EST– 10:05am EST
Event Overview:

In this two-day online event, speakers will discuss strategies, technologies and processes impelemented during COVID-19 that serve as operational successes for clinical trials moving forward. The first day will cover Patient Participation Success and the second The Now/New Clinical Trial Technologies. There will be live Q&As with the speakers as a group after each day’s sessions. Attendance is free.

Join in to hear our CEO, Penelope Manasco, MD, discuss how to successfully implement a Risk-Based Approach to Monitoring Remotely!

Day Two, Friday, February 12, 2021: The New/Now Clinical Trial Technologies

8:35am EST            The Remote Monitoring Toolkit
Penelope Manasco, MD, CEO of MANA RBM

Remote monitoring is much more than just performing SDV on data remotely. One must consider all aspects of monitoring that can be performed remotely. During the presentation, Dr. Manasco will review the technologies that enhance remote trial management including software managing all aspects of data and document collection. In addition, she will share case histories of successful innovations that enhance remote quality oversight to identify protocol-specific critical errors across all data sources in near real time –including remote blinded investigational product management and accountability, automated SUSAR identification, and oversight of primary endpoints.