Our Team

You may wonder why we don’t have a large organization shown on our website. The answer is simple.

We are a virtual organization. We use an extensive, international network of consultants to implement the MANA Method. Consultants are selected for their expertise and commitment to pioneering the implementation of RBM. Interested in working with a data-driven, science-based clinical operations team leading the vanguard of RBM Implementation? Please contact us.

MANA RBM's team has broad experience across Clinical, Data Management, Technology, and Medical fields. Each team member is trained in the MANA RBM Method for Quality management of Clinical Trials. We work as a highly functioning cross-functional team.

MANA RBM works with Consultants across the U.S. and internationally. Each consultant works remotely, saving an at least 5 hours per week on commuting. Our flexible staffing approach enables our Consultants to have time for their other passions including family, sports, or continuing their education.

If you are interested in becoming a MANA Consultant, please full out the form below and include your resume.