MANA RBM Services

Our solutions are designed to meet your needs—regardless of how much or little of the study conduct you would like to perform.

Here is a decision tree to help you to determine which solution is best for you.


Full Service CRO Solution, Quality Oversight:

MANA RBM delivers an integrated solution including design of all data and document technology systems, data management, site monitoring, and central monitoring.  Medical Monitoring and statistical support are also available.


MANA RBM DIY Solution:

MANA RBM conducts the Risk Assessment and designs all data and document technology systems, reporting, and the oversight plan.  The Sponsor conducts the actual review.  MANA RBM also offers customized Central Monitoring and Trend Analysis services as part of this  option.


Risk Assessment:

Unsure how to get started?  MANA RBM offers a Risk Assessment service to help Sponsors to create their protocol risk assessment.  From the resulting risk assessment, sponsors can design their own oversight approach, or they can adopt the MANA Method.