Testimonials on MANA RBM’s Webinar Series: RBM for Monitors

"The MANA RBM Webinars have been a tremendous way for our organization to become knowledgeable about Risk Based Monitoring.  It has allowed us to develop a common understanding and has facilitated faster adoption of this important area for our industry.”  Donna Gugger   Director of Clinical Data Management and Process Lead for Risk Based Monitoring, UBC.

I am thoroughly enjoying them and consider them very worthwhile….time well spent, thank you."   — Clinical Research Coordinator, PA

"As my organization moves to Clinical Trails, I can more clearly organize and direct work toward a more mature utilization of RBM. Having this explanation and discussion has helped me to understand that larger impact of RBM outside of the common misconception that there is, "just less sdv"  — QA/Clinical  NM

"Thank you!  I learned SO MUCH!!!!!

Best thing about webinars? Being able to think more critically when it comes to planning for RBM and diving down further into the areas of risk already identified."

CRO Services Testimonials:

"It is time we make the fundamental changes needed in clinical trials and implement a new monitoring paradigm that focuses on identifying and eliminating errors that matter via a comprehensive risk-based monitoring approach, relying more on central and virtual monitoring. Dr. Manasco has led the way in developing a robust RBM toolkit backed by her years of experience that can be used in any trial to build quality and trust in our study data."

— Mark Joing, CEO and Founder Mojo Trials


"MANA provided excellent data management and monitoring services for our Phase I TB vaccine trial at Dartmouth. MANA was always pleasant to work with immediately responsive to the inevitable issues that arise in data management for a small yet complex clinical trial. The eSource approach to monitoring allowed us to correct errors rapidly, thereby avoiding accumulation of a series of identical errors that might have occurred with traditional interspersed on-site monitoring visits. MANA is strongly client-oriented, an important attribute for those considering a CRO for a small trial with an eSource system."

— C. Fordham von Reyn MD Professor of Medicine Infectious Disease and International Health, Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth University 

Consultant Testimonials:

"As part of the MANA team, using the MANA method, I have the opportunity to bring efficiency and real time oversight to the clinical research community one project at a time. It is a breath of fresh air to work with a team that is committed to continuously improving our internal processes, and those of our clients, in unison with cutting edge Industry trends and technology. Working with MANA is an exciting learning experience that has enabled my professional career in clinical research to blossom."

— Christine M., CCRA (Ten years in clinical research)