Study Health Check Our Newest Tool in Trial Oversight

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Introducing Study Health Check:
An independent and objective quality assessment of study conduct

Pfizer recently announced it would have to remove nearly 3500 patients from its Lyme disease vaccine[PM1] trial due to violations of CGP guidelines. What if this had been your trial? Losing 50% of your study subjects can ruin a trial, a program, or even a company.

That is why MANA RBM developed Study Health Check. It is the first completely independent and objective quality assessment of the most important aspects of your trial.

Using a simple consulting agreement, we provide executives with an independent and objective quality assessment of trial conduct at any point in your trial conduct. We evaluate the three biggest areas of risk:

·  Primary endpoint

·  Safety

·  Investigational Product administration


You get a report of any issues we identified, the affected sites, and whether your CRO has recognized the issues we identified. Our pricing is designed to be competitive and flexible to fit within any budget.

Results are available within weeks, allowing you to sleep better or start fixing issues you didn’t know you had. Click the link below to learn more.