Data vs. Doubt


REACHER delivers trial oversight at any time, in any trial.

Throw out your preconceived notions of how clinical trial monitoring has been done. Think instead about scientific inquiry. Just as scientists in every pharmaceutical, biotech, and device company ask questions to fix a problem in healthcare, apply the same principles to clinical trial operations.

Determine the errors that affect trial integrity. Know the answer immediately with REACHER.

Monitoring should be a tool to prevent errors, not just catch them later.



REACHER is a SaaS solution that provides answers in a format that you can act on immediately.

Errors in processes associated with primary endpoints, SUSAR reporting delays, investigational product management, and informed consent management are Errors that Matter. Missing these errors, especially when they are systematic, can cause serious, catastrophic consequences.

The FDA and EMA focus on errors that matter. Missing important errors can also result in a 483 from the FDA and may result in censure of parts of your research subjects’ data. Errors can and do affect marketing approvals for your products. To find these errors efficiently, get REACHER.

Enable Rapid Decisions

Software systems are designed to do a specific job. Electronic Data Capture was designed for capturing data, but it is not an effective tool for oversight. Other RBM solutions require hours of additional evaluation.

REACHER analyzes information from all trial data sources to enable efficient and effective error discovery and correction.

Technology Agnostic

REACHER is flexible. It works seamlessly with multiple, different technology systems, and may be implemented in any study at any time.